Highlights of our Live Courses

We provide an integrated framework for learning and placement.

Industry Relevant Curriculum

We provide a perfect amalgamation of theoretical and industrial learning with intense focus on real world Data Science projects and assignments. We place great emphasis on state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with a vision to keep our students informed with up-to-date knowledge. We leverage the interactive Jupyter Notebook environment to write Python codes.

Job Counselling

Our unique approach helps you to identify the right set of jobs through assisted mentorship. We specialise in resume development with relevant content and presentation to make you worthy of notice among top employers through our referral programs in over 50 companies. We also conduct meticulously designed one-on-one mock interviews for grabbing the best Data Science opportunities.

Interactive Learning Environment

We conduct Zoom-enabled online live classrooms for interactive student-instructor communication. We guide you along our coursework through one-on-one mentorship sessions. We also provide the facility of scheduling doubt sessions on-the-go and bridge any gap in learning.


A team of IIT Kharagpur Graduates & Experienced Data Science Professionals

Chief AI Faculty

Shivam Dutta

Helped set-up the data science division of Radware in India. Worked extensively on convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Chief Faculty of Data Science

Vikash Srivastava

Developed the entire FX options volatility prediction stack at HSBC using deep supervised LSTM networks. Possesses keen interest in Natural Language Processing.

Chief Data Scientist

Alok Anand

Worked extensively on hybrid fraud detection techniques at American Express. Built a state-of-the-art merchant recommender system being used globally.


  • How much time will it take to be a data scientist?

    If you complete any of our courses in Machine Learning, you will definitely be able to apply for entry level data scientist and data analyst roles. But, we would rather suggest you to go through the advanced courses so that you have adequate knowledge to tackle the pertinent job interviews and thus you can drastically improve your job conversion rate.

  • Will I get a certificate after completion of courses?

    Yes, we will provide a certificate at the end of each course.

  • Is this course personalized to me?

    Yes, the course is personalized to each and every individual. In our regular classes, we will utilize advanced zoom capabilities to establish an almost real classroom environment. Further, we will address doubts in real time by enabling the participant to share his/her screen and communicate directly with us without any hesitation.

  • I work in a different role. Can I switch to Data Science?

    Yes, definitely. After doing our courses, you will have sufficient theoretical knowledge to tackle data science interviews as well as hands-on experience in machine learning projects which you can add to your resume. This way you can easily switch from your current role.






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