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Why Data Science?

Data Scientists in High Demand

With exploding amount of data being generated every day, it has become a really valuable asset for industries. And thus, the demand of Data Scientists have increased many-folds in recent years. According to Indeed, one of the top job sites, the year over year demand of Data Scientists have shown an increase of 29% and a staggering 344% increase since the year 2013. However, searches by job seekers rose at a slower pace of 14%, indicating a remarkable gap between supply and demand.

Highest Paid Profession in IT Industry

Data Scientists are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry with salaries almost double of conventional IT jobs. In India, the average Data Scientist’s salary is more than ₹10 lakhs per annum. This is quite unsurprising, given the companies are really willing to take their bet in Data Science. The same figure in United States is around $117K per annum which makes Data Scientists one of the highest paid professionals in the country.

Pervasive Across Domains

Data Science has become a hot career path and its applications transcend businesses, industries and research through a common set of skills. A recent study has reported that artificial intelligence will automate more than 38% jobs in the next 5 years. Hence, it has become a necessity to upskill yourself with data science technologies now more than ever.


A team of IIT Kharagpur graduates & experienced data science professionals

Chief AI Faculty

Shivam Dutta

Helped set-up the data science division of Radware in India. Worked extensively on convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning algorithms.

Chief Faculty of Data Science

Vikash Srivastava

Developed the entire FX options volatility prediction stack at HSBC using deep supervised LSTM networks. Possesses keen interest in Natural Language Processing.

Chief Data Scientist

Alok Anand

Worked extensively on hybrid fraud detection techniques at American Express. Built a state-of-the-art merchant recommender system being used globally.


Great Content Delivery

Om Prakash Singh

"The way the instructors go through the content is great, they give ample amount of time in between classes for open queries and post-class replies are also very good. The content which they present is explained in the best way possible."

Highly Personalized

Nikhil Sharma

"Overall, the content is awesome, the trainers are very good and helpful, and they pay personal attention to your queries. Nothing can beat their personalized guidance and the time they take out to help you chart a path for your Data Science career."

Student Friendly Learning

Ajay Kumar Chauhan

"I found it really easy to grasp the mathematics of underlying ML algorithms and how to build models from scratch in Python. Floatint is a must-have if you are really serious about building a career in Data Science."

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